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With Our Team Of Expert Appointment Setters

  • Month-to-Month Service Plans
  • English/Spanish Bilingual Reps
  • Experienced & Expertly Trained
  • ​Mortgage & Real Estate Compliant
  • ​Appointment Setting & Live Transfers
  • ​Lead Qualifying & More!

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We'll Make & Save You Money 

Outsourcing Makes A Lot Of 'Cents'

The financial and time costs of hiring an employee can be substantial!

By the time you pay a decent wage for a reliable employee, spend time and money training them and provide enough hours to keep them on your team...

...the costs could easily be 2-4X higher than outsourcing to a team that's ready to go and will never quit or cause more headaches than they're worth. 

What We Can Do For You

ISA Services For Any Type Of Lead From Any Source

Our team of expert telemarketers can call on, qualify and set appointments for just about any type of lead you have:  

  • Aged or Old Leads
  • Live Leads From Any Source
  • Past Clients
  • ​Purchased Lists
  • ​Lists From Your Referral Partners
  • ​And More...

Need A Reliable Source Of Live, Qualified, Exclusive Leads? 

To visit our lead generation sister company

Why Choose Us?

Real Humans With Expertise

Our Inside Sales Agents (ISA) are trained, experienced telemarketers, each with an average of 5+ years of experience. 

Unlike most ISA services, we have real humans making live phone calls. It's not just bots & automations.

There's no better way to establish rapport and get appointments than by a phone call with an attentive and pleasantly aggressive person on the other end guiding your leads & contacts to the next step.

Are We A Fit For You?

A Guide On Using Our Services

Our strength is in helping Mortgage Lenders & Real Estate Agents convert old and current leads into deals.

Our process has been reviewed by compliance attorney's to ensure industry best practices are followed to keep everyone safe & legal.

Our Service Plans

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

Our pricing is based off of quantities of contacts, monthly software costs and a one-time setup fee.

The more contacts, the deeper the discount.

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Our Background

Year's Of Experience Converting Leads

Our name may be new, but our service has a long history.

Our sister entity, the Mortgage Growth System, has helped over 1000 MLO's and Realtors™ generate millions of leads and close hundreds-of-millions in deals since 2016.

We've mastered lead conversion and now, we're taking this knowledge and skill a step further. You're in good, expert hands!

Our Proven Process

And Our 10 Call Minimum Guarantee

Anyone who's worked leads before knows one thing to be true:  Nothing converts better than phone calls with a real, helpful human on the other side.

Many so-called conversion & telemarketing agencies rely almost entirely on automations like texts, voicemail drops and emails.  

While this is great for the agencies, it's not great for you.

Most of our so-called 'competitors' are using automated CRMs to do 90% of their work, but charging you $100's or even $1000's per month to do the same thing a $50 subscription to a CRM can do.  

It's not worth it (we've tested them ourselves).

Since most conversions happen AFTER the 7th touch, we want to make sure we hit and exceed that mark.

Every lead you provide will be called a minimum of 10 times per month (or until the appointment is set).

That's how we out-convert the other guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you make the outbound calls?

It will depend upon the quantity of contacts you have, but we make calls between 4pm and 830pm during the week & between 10am and 2pm on some Saturdays in YOUR time zone.  Years of historic data shows us that these are the best times to call contacts.

We do not offer 24/7 lead calling at this time but will in the near future.

*Due to state laws, call times will end at 730pm in Wyoming and Massachusetts

How do you telemarket to my live lead source?

The same calling times apply as above to your 'live leads' (which are leads coming in from a current lead source you have). We can only accept live leads where the lead data can be pushed via Zapier or Webhooks. You're lead provider will need that capability. Most do have it.

What phone number will you call my contacts from?

The outbound phone number your contacts will see can be any phone number you own.  We do require a subscription to the calling software (just $49/month), and it will include a custom number that allows you to choose an area code.  In many cases we will use this, however there are other options.  The Caller ID will always show as yours or that of your company's.  

How do you schedule appointments for me?

To use our service you will need an automated booking calendar system that can send automated text reminders for the appointments we set on your behalf.  If you have a calendar system that does that already, we can use it.  If you do not, we'll get you one.

How do I know you are actually making the calls?

Every call is logged as are the details of conversations had with your leads and contacts.

How do you qualify the leads?

Basically we ask general questions about their interest and ability to buy, sell or refinance. Due to compliance regulations, we are not permitted to ask some questions, but we can confirm most (but not all) information you already have on the contact or lead.

Do you record the calls?

No, it would be too disruptive to your leads if the conversation had to start with a disclaimer that you were recording the call. It would ruin conversions.

How do Live Transfers work?

When a contact expresses immediate interest in talking with you, our telemarketers will text you to check on your availability.  You will need to respond within 2 minutes to accept, otherwise we will just schedule an appointment for a future date.

Can you live transfer to multiple team members?

YES we can.  However, it does work on a first-to-claim basis.  All members of a team would be offered the live transfer simultaneously.  The first to claim it would handle the transfer. 

Will I be able to see details about your conversations?

Yes, all critical details captured during a conversation will be notated in the calling software we use and you can see those at any time.

Do you scrub leads against the federal Do Not Call list?

Due to federal Do Not Call regulations, all lists you provide must be ready to go.  We cannot provide DNC scrubbing.  We can recommend some options.

Can you legally call a list I provide in my State?

There are a lot of calling laws & they differ from one state to the next, so we usually recommend talking with us about your needs.  However, in Arizona, Louisiana, New Jersey, Texas and Wyoming, it's illegal to call mobile phone numbers unless there is a business relationship already established.   (So we can't call purchased lists of cold leads, FSBO's, Expired Listings, etc. in those states but can call other types of lists like past clients and live leads or recently opted-in leads.) 

Can you leave notes in my CRM?

A CRM is included with the service where all conversation notes and call histories will be stored.  If you need notes in a different CRM too, there's a chance it's possible.  It depends upon what CRM you're using.

Will you take or start a mortgage application for me? 

This is not legally permissible and therefore we don't.  We can and will send a link to your leads / contacts directing them towards your application and it can appear as though it's coming from you.

How many leads can you call?

Our packages start at quantities as low as 50 leads and there is no top-limit on the number of leads we can call.

Do you perform soft credit pulls?

Technically, this is not compliant and therefore we do not offer this option.  However, we can and will send links to your leads / contacts directing them to your application or credit pull software.

Will you text and email my contacts too? 

Yes, in many cases we will and when we do it will come from a phone number you own and your work email address. However, this service is dependent upon upon the lead source and date of capture.  In some cases sending text & email communication is not legally permissible. (We do have guidelines on whether or not this an option for your leads).  In general though, we can only send emails and texts to contacts who've opted in to become a lead within the last 30 days or when there is a pre-existing business relationship established (like past clients or leads you've already had 2-way communication with).

How can I make sure this is compliant with my company?

We've consulted with multiple attorney's and compliance specialists to ensure we're following best practices for all US states.  However, we have two additional options: 1) We'll send you the scripts we use for review (and there is no cost for this), or 2) We will engage directly with your compliance team for such a review (there is a small fee associated with this).

Where are you based?

We are a US based company, but our telemarketers are in South American countries.  All telemarketers are native English speaking representatives, many of whom are US or Canadian citizens now living abroad.  We have chosen to use telemarketers that are indistinguishable from a US-based representative unlike many ISA / Telemarketing service providers who use telemarketers from Asian countries with strong accents and awkward English-speaking styles.  (Our representatives are also fluent in Spanish.)

What are your fees?

Fees vary depending upon a large number of factors. There is a one-time setup fee and a monthly recurring fee.  Our service is currently a month-to-month service with no long-term commitments. In most cases, once you're setup, you can pause and resume service at any time without paying a setup fee again.

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